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TI - What will be the party strength (in %) of the parties in the House of Representatives election 2011 in the canton Ticino?

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Market opening: 23.09.2011 18:00
Market close: 23.10.2011 05:39
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House of Representatives 2011 - Canton Ticino

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Swiss Parliamentary election 2011 in Ticino

Question of the market:
TI - What will be the party strength (in %) of the parties in the House of Representatives election 2011 in the canton Ticino?

The shares below can be traded:

Market opening:
23.09.2011 18:00

Market close:
23.10.2011 05:39

Market value:

Trading range:
0.01 - 100.00

Initial seed capital:
50,000.00 Ex and additionally

Payout rules
The party strength all over Switzerland in percent defined the issuing or starting price of the party stocks at the launch of the SRG election stock market.

Every share held by a trader in his/her portfolio at the end of the stock market will be paid out according to the actual result of this share after the election.

Explications to the market question
For trading on the SRG election stock market the value «party strength» has been defined as the expected value for the party stocks. The Federal Office of Statistics defines party strength as the «contingent of votes a party gained, in relation to the sum of all valid votes».

Definition of the stock «Others»
The stock «Others» includes all parties in the market «House of Representatives – Party strength» that are not listed with an own, named stock.

Share splitting
Under some circumstances a share - usually the stock «Others» - can be split to generate a new, additional share in the market. This could be e.g. a party, which was not yet present in the current market with a share oft its own.

For the procedure of splitting the trading will be stopped for a short time. In the meantime the new share is generated and placed into the market while split up from the existing share «Others». Any merchant holding the existing share obtains additionally the same number of the new (split) shares at the same price.

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BFS - Party strength parliamentary elections 2007 []

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